“As an adult who had been out of dancing for about 15 years, I was worried that I had forgotten a lot of terminology, technique, and basic movement skills to fit in somewhere. Danielle and her staff have a way of reaching all learners, which I greatly appreciate both as a teacher of music and a student of dance. Her attention to detail and her commitment to dance technique is truly outstanding and I have recommended her studio over and over again to families with young ones, teenagers, and other adults who either have had dance experience or are brand new to dance. Every week is a great workout, a challenge for the mind and body, a self esteem boost, and just a great time- and on top of that- it’s a WONDERFUL LEARNING EXPERIENCE!”

Krystle Smith, Westbrook, ME

“Both of my daughters have been taking dance at the Center for almost 4 years now and they love it! It is a great program with a good variety of class options for the girls and the staff are wonderful! This is a very affordable activity that both of my daughters look forward to every week.”

Ann A. Randall, Westbrook, ME

“My 5 year old, Kyra, is in her 2nd year at Drouin’s and loves going. She really enjoys the girls and adores her teachers and we love watching the “shows” she puts on for the family each night when she shows us what she has learned each week.”

Kathy Hamblen, Gorham, ME

“Dancing makes me feel real good! Dancing is one of my most favorite things to do!”

Greta Breton, Dancer

“My daughter began on the first day Drouin Dance Center opened and has continued on through her high school years in the Dance Company. Dance is a great self-esteem builder and there is no challenge too great for the team at Drouin. It helps a child focus on scheduling time, working as a team, and builds confidence for public appearances while developing coordination skills and grace. It’s a great life when you learn to dance “like no one is watching.”

Lisa Varela, Westbrook, ME

“Drouin Dance Center has been so so good for my daughter, I am not sure I can begin to explain. My painfully shy little girl began with movement, music and play workshops when she was 2 1/2. For six weeks she sat along the wall and never really participated, but the fact that she wanted to go back each week and willingly walked in with Brittany was a huge deal. After a couple of 6 week workshop sessions she was dancing up a storm and by the time she began Creative Movement I in the fall we could see her confidence blossoming. She didn’t speak a single word for the first 5 months of preschool, but she walked into class with Danielle, each week a completely different person. The transformation was amazing. We worried how her first recital would go, but she went on stage like she owned the place and never looked back. Mackinna is about to turn six; she is in her second year of class with Tiffany and is still a shy and anxious child, but when she is at dance she is poised, confident and graceful. She even talks in class! Drouin Dance Center is place where she feels safe and special. Danielle runs an amazing program. Everything from the open house to the recital is organized to the tee, her correspondence with parents via the monthly newsletter and her extensive community involvement continue to impress me, but above all she and her staff have created an atmosphere where students grow and really feel they are a part of something special. We love Drouin Dance Center so much that now my three year old son and I both take classes there!”

Christine Campbell, Westbrook, ME

“My life of dancing at Drouin Dance Center started 3 years ago. It has changed me as a person and a dancer. The staff is always there to answer your questions and to help you. My sister started 4 years ago when I wasn’t dancing. After I saw the exciting recital, I knew that I wanted to start dancing again. Dancing is my life now. If a friend asked me to recommend a place to start dancing, I would absolutely recommend Drouin Dance Center. The instructors and dance classes make me excited to come to dance every week.”

Megan Snow, Windham, ME

“My daughter has been dancing at Drouin Dance Center since she was 3 years old. Danielle Drouin has created a wonderful, inspirational environment where dancers of all ages can feel comfortable. All the teachers at Drouin are warm and welcoming and create a fun learning environment while helping the kids grow in their dance skills. We look forward to the recital every year because Drouin Dance Center puts on an amazing and professional quality recital full of wonderful dancers and fantastic music! The kids get to experience performing to a live audience and we get to see well choreographed recital performances for all levels. Drouin Dance Center is filled with lots of talented teachers (and owner!) My 7-year old daughter Ashley says this about Drouin Dance Center “The teachers are really nice and I like learning all the movements and the music and the costumes are great!” I know we will continue to be a part of Drouin Dance Center for many years to come! Thank you to everyone at Drouin for all your hard work and for making dance positive and exciting for my daughter!”

Sandi Keef, Westbrook, ME

“My daughter has been attending Drouin Dance Center for two years now. I have watched her go from a shy, unsure little girl in classes to a very outgoing 4 year old who loves to dance! Danielle and all of her instructors are fantastic and really take the time to listen to parents and the students. We love the family feel to the dance center. So many places seem so unfriendly and strict with their teaching styles. My daughter is so excited when it comes time for her dance class. She constantly practices her steps and moves that are taught to her. I can’t thank the staff enough for providing such a great place to learn dance.”

Dot Carr, South Portland, ME

“My daughter Katherine started Drouin’s Dance when she was 3. She was wearing a blue hand-me-down leotard. She was very shy and I remember almost pushing her into the dance class room while I anxiously sat outside. It had begun. Katherine thrived in dance, never missed a class. That first recital was so special. She was concerned about going up on the “big stage”, but her words after I met her backstage were “I want to do that again!” And a special surprise during intermission Katherine received a perfect attendance award! What a great year. Now in her 6th year of dancing she missed class once this year. The first time in 6 years and it was because we were in Florida however if Katherine could have flown back for class she would have!

We have tried other activities but after dealing with Danielle and her staff we have become spoiled with excellence. At Drouin Dance Studio questions don’t go un-answered. The staff is friendly and helpful and the dance instruction Katherine receives is top notch. The recitals are pulled off with amazing precision.

I would highly recommend Drouin’s Dance Studio!”

Karen Axelsen, Westbrook, ME